We are breeders of the purebred
Lusitano horse, also called the
Puro Sangue Lusitano (PSL.)  Our
breeding program reflects our
admiration for the
Manuel Veiga  
bloodlines of Portugal.  Selectively
bred for the
mounted bullfight,
Veiga Lusitanos are famously
courageous, athletic, and
     Our 100% Veiga-blooded Lusitano
Damasco, is a beautiful
example of the line. Damasco earned

81.5 points
in Portuguese revision,
and is the cornerstone of our
breeding program.  We offer horses
for sale at the ranch, located north of
Choteau, Montana.   
Montana Lusitanos

Upright J Ranch                                      Choteau, Montana
Welcome to Montana Lusitanos!